Summer Cheer Camp

Date: Monday, July 19th-Friday, July 23rd

Fee: $190 +5% GST

Age: 5-14 years old (no experience required)

Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM 

Drop off begins: 8:50 AM

Pick up finished by: 3:15 PM


Summer Tumbling Program

Tumbling camps are scheduled for 5 days but we are also offering a 3 day option for those who might not be able to make all 5 days. If you require the 3 day option please note that the Monday class is required so that athletes are learning all of the introduction material and then two other days of their choosing.

July 12th-16th: Let' Get Tumbling: Intro to Basic Tumbling

Prerequisite Skills: None

Camp Description: A fantastic starting point for any athlete looking to develop a strong foundation for tumbling. Athletes will learn proper body positions, form, and technique required for clean execution of basic tumbling skills. Also a great place for more experienced athletes to clean up their basics.

Skills Focus: 

- Safety positions & Falling

- Conditioning & Flexibility

- Forward & Backward Rolls

- Cartwheels & Handstands

- Bridges, Bridge kick-overs, Arch back to Bridge

July 26th-30th: Handstands, Cartwheels and Roundoffs

Prerequisite Skills: None


Camp Description: This camp is for athletes who want to develop, perfect, & master their Handstands, Cartwheels & Roundoffs. Training will focus on building strength, proper technique and use of the correct body positions. A great choice for athletes who have a handle on the basics, are wanting to level up their form & execution, and are preparing for more advanced tumbling skills to come!


Skills Focus:

- Proper technique, body positions and form

- Handstands, Handstand Rolls, Handstand to Bridge

- Cartwheels, Power-hurdle Cartwheel, Run-hurdle Cartwheel

- Roundoffs, Power-hurdle Roundoff, Run-hurdle Roundoff

August 9th-13th: WOW Walkovers!

Prerequisite Skills: Strong Handstand & Bridge (10 sec hold)


Camp Description: The perfect camp for athletes looking to conquer their walkovers. Great for athletes of all flexibility and experience levels. Learning about the importance of consistent stretching at home and how to work through fears and mental blocks.


Skills Focus:

- Increasing Shoulder & Back flexibility

- Strength & Control for flexibility skills

- Confidence & working through fears/mental blocks

- Arch back to Bridge from stand, Bridge Arch-up to stand

- Handstand to Bridge, Bridge Kick-over & Tick-tocks

- Front & Back Walkovers

- Front & Back Limbers

August 16th-20th: Level Up: Intro to Advanced Tumbling

Prerequisite Skills: Strong Forward Roll, Handstand, Cartwheel, Roundoff

Recommended Skills: Arch back to Bridge from stand, Bridge Kick-over, HS to Bridge


Camp Description: This camp is for athletes who have worked hard to master their tumbling basics and are ready to start working up to some harder skills. As well as more advanced athletes who want to correct issues with their form &/ improve the overall strength & power in their skills.


Skills Focus:

- Technique & proper form

- Safety & learning through progressions

- Building advanced skills through solid foundations

- Skills specific conditioning, training the correct Body Positions

- Confidence & breaking down fears/mental blocks

August 23rd-27th: Let's Get Flipping!

Prerequisite Skills: STRONG Handstand, Cartwheel, Roundoff, Arch to Bridge, Bridge Kick-over, Handstand to Bridge Recommended Skills: Front & Back Walkover


Camp Description: Recommended for advanced athletes who are confident in their basic skills and looking to solidify some higher level tumbling skills. As always we will focus on safety, proper technique & form in every aspect of skills development.


Skills Focus:

- Connection Skills for Tumbling Passes

- Front Tuck Step-out, Punch Front (Salto)

- Front Handspring Step-out, Front Handspring

- Back Handspring (Standing, Step-in, & Cartwheel/ Roundoff/ series connection)

- Back Saltos, Back whips