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Coach Kennedy

Kennedy has been in the competitive cheerleading world for almost 8 years! Kennedy started cheerleading in high school at EMCS and then six months after she thought she had “retired” she learned about PCE and then joined the open team.


Kennedy has been a part of The Royal Family since Season 1 as an athlete, and she then had the opportunity to start coaching in Season 2! Kennedy has coached Senior Reign (in season 2 & 3) and Senior Majesty (in season 3) and she has also been on Open Dynasty as a flyer and as a base.


Kennedy says: "My favourite part of my cheer career would be coaching. It’s an amazing feeling watching all the young athletes blossom into such confident individuals and I can’t wait to continue to do that in the future! I’m so grateful to PCE, and Shannon for letting me spread my wings, and continue my cheer career!

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