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Performance Gymnastics Program Details

What is Performance Gymnastics?

Performance Gymnastics is the art of putting together group routines/displays. It is non-competitive and allows for a lot of creativity in dance choreography, stunting and gymnastics skills. Most importantly it is based on the philosophies of Gymnastics For All, which encourages the inclusion of athletes of all ages, abilities and skill levels.


What is Gymnaestrada?

Gymnaestrada refers to gymnastics events that offer performance gymnastics teams the opportunity to showcase their routines. These events are held locally (Provincial (BC) Gymnaestrada) once per year, Nationally (Canadian Gymnaestrada) once every 4 years (one year prior to worlds) and Internationally (World Gymnaestrada) once every 4 years.


Empire hopes to send a team to the next World Gymnaestrada in Amsterdam 2024.

The World Gymnaestrada is the largest general gymnastics exhibition. It is held every four years much like the Olympics. But the focus of this event is not on winning medals.


The Gymnaestrada is about Group Performances – some with hundreds or even thousands of participants. Adults and children of every age and description perform. Countries from around the world come together to showcase their talent and the culture of their various countries. The choreography is designed both to challenge the participants and to delight audiences. Routines are performed at various venues within the host country.

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