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Acro Gymnastics Program Details


What is Acrobatic Gymnastics?

Acrobatic Gymnastics (Acro) is a subdivision of Gymnastics where athletes perform controlled stunts in groups (Pairs, Trios, Quads* (*Boys groups only).


Stunts are classified as either Balance or Dynamic

Balance Skills/Stunts - Made up of different positions, with a focus on control and flexibility, must be held in each position for 3 seconds. In these stunts, bases can transition from one position to another.

(Eg. In a Standing bird or Back Bird the base can slide from standing into splits)

Dynamic Skills/Stunts - Performed by the group Base(s), throwing the flyer, attempt to achieve significant air time, safely catching their flyer. Advanced groupings will execute flips and twists, Acro can be done as recreational or competitively. Competitive routines consist of a combination of skills/stunts, dance choreography, individual skills and tumbling.


Older Athletes/Higher levelled groupings compete Two routines (1 Balance & 1 Dynamic) while beginner routines (Levels 1-5) compete one Compulsory routine in which they perform both types of skills/stunts.

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